Wicked Problems: Coming Together to Look at the Big Picture

Whether it’s going to see a therapist or having a plumber come check why the sink drain is making such an awful sound, we tend to pay others money when they specialize in something we do not. Having knowledge or insight in a field where others are unsure usually pays off. However, there are bigger problems in the world that have yet to receive a definitive solution or answer. A phrase coined for issues such as these is “wicked problems.”

“A wicked problem can be defined as ‘one for which each attempt to create a solution changes the understanding of the problem’” (Green, 2018). I would like to think of myself as creative when it comes to solving matters on my own; however, it can benefit both myself and others to work in a team to solve the issue. Although “wicked problems…can’t be solved ‘once and for all’,” it helps to have several eyes and minds come together to form a more concise thought (Cooper, 2017). It could not only help the problem become more identifiable to a broader audience, but it might also open a door to someone who has the greatest resolution – every if it is only temporary.



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Green, D. D. (2018, February 14). “Wicked Problems for Today’s Leaders.” Retrieved February 20, 2018, from https://nuleadership.com/2018/02/14/wicked-problems-for-todays-leaders/#_ftn2


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